Handmade Jewelry - An Informative Wiki

First let's delve into types of jewelry

The materials that one can use in creating jewelry are certainly diverse and vary widely amongst the price points. Naturally, at the top we have our precious stones and metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and also to some extent titanium and sterling silver. As far as other materials we have emeralds, diamonds, star sapphires, and other priceless treasures. More often than not in handmade jewelry, if you're buying at a somewhat lower price point you'll be paying something more like under $100 and get some great things never the less, like sterling silver, titanium, rhinestones, beads, 10k gold, and 24k in smaller amounts, as well as ample amounts of sterling silver. (Source: artisanbooth.com)


The types of jewelry on the market are almost as varied as the materials that can go into jewelry and include bracelets, rings, necklaces, arm bands, pendants, watch straps, headbands, rhinestones, and more! Artisanbooth especially focuses on the necklaces and bracelets segments of the market, including many made from the amazing material that is polymer clay. Example, this handmade magpie pin:

Just by looking at this picture you can see the amazing detail and finishing that they put into their products. You can really see how worthy they are of the prices and revenue that they earn and charge.

Another important thing to realize is how mundane it can be to have to sift through site after site which can tend to hawk whatever which product at you and hope you'll buy it, sort of like shopping for real estate in that sense. But at least with artisanbooth.com you have a good collection of all the best products right in front of you, without having to kill yourself to sort through sites like etsy or ebay. The future of the world is greater organization amongst the chaos we've created and this is one place to start. Its really only natural.